Yoga, Wine & Turin - Javalicious does Piedmont
Thursday, September 6th to Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Canonica Di Corteranzo
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How will you travel to the Piemont?
Train schedule and shuttle from and to the station will be provided as well as driving directions  *

Cost per person: 
- Single room: CHF 990.-
- Shared double room*: CHF 800.-
(with a friend or we can pair people up together) *

Full payment is due upon registration
(payment instructions will be provided) 

REFUND POLICY: If cancellation occurs 30-days or more prior to retreat start date a full refund will be issued minus an administration fee of 100.- .
If cancellation occurs with 30 or less days prior notice to the retreat start date no refund will be issued. *

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